November 17, 2013

Teach your Children the Socialist Virtues, by Andy Taylor, 12 Nov. 2013

When my children were younger they asked me, what's a Communist, dad?, I answered them that a Communist is a person who thinks that any human being just by virtue of being born has the right to a dignified life and to have their basic needs met for their whole good life long, ~~ to have an apartment and a life-long guarantee of a job and Medical care insured by Statute through the will of a convinced socialist people.

And I told them that a Communist is a person who thinks the economy has to be the Servant of the people and not the people at the mercy of the economy, a Communist is a person who believes you should work to live, not live to work, and that a Communist believes that the nation is the people, and that solidarity, equality of ALL PEOPLE who have a good will, women and men, gay and straight, of all races and faiths is ordinary Justice, not an entitlement. I told my kids I'm VERY PROUD TO BE A COMMUNIST!

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