Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
the struggle continues

December 18, 2013

US fails in propositioning The Syrian Islamic Front, by Andrew Taylor, Dec. 18, 2013

The ascendant Islamist Front of Jihadist fighters in Syria has rejected offers from the Obama Administration and its Allies to sit down and strike a deal, a senior US diplomat said on Wednesday.

The Syrian government noted it was "reprehensible" that the Obama Administration was soliciting a dialogue with the Islamic Front, which is composed of six major radical Islamist armed terrorist groups.

The Islamic Front agrees in rhetoric principle, strategy and goals with the Nusra Front and has often fought beside them.

The developments highlighted Washington's difficulties in manouvering some US influence within the combatant camp in the war on the Syrian state.

With a month to go before UN peace talks convene in Geneva 2, it is unclear who will represent "the opposition". Dec. 27 remains the final deadline set by UN mediator Brahimi for both sides to name their delegations.

"The Islamic Front has refused to sit with us, without giving any reason," US Syria envoy Robert Ford told Al Arabiya television, speaking in Arabic, a day after Secretary of State John Kerry said such talks might take place.

"We are ready to sit with them because we talk to all parties and political groups in Syria," Ford said.

Such comments by a US diplomat illustrate the utterly brazen shamelessness of US imperialism's floundering hand in The Middle East. And the doleful saga shows no signs of ending or improving.


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