Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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March 26, 2014

Night of the Long Knives in Kiev, [ European press releases] 26 03 14

 (photo: Right Sector Oleksander Muzychko shot dead by 'Falcon Unit' Ukrainian Special Police forces)

Rising public anger [in Ukraine]


"...squabbling among politicians who strove together to oust Yanukovich reflects rising public anger on key issues, from the suitability of several ministers and regional governors, to the lack of any obvious progress in finding those responsible for the deaths of more than 100 protesters.

A potentially dangerous rift widened yesterday between the interior ministry and Right Sector, which is suspicious of the government and has rejected calls to give up its weapons. It is not clear how well armed the group is, or how many members it has, but it is growing.

Officials said police had shot dead Right Sector activist Oleksandr Muzychko yesterday when he fired at them while resisting arrest. But Right Sector accused police of murder and interior minister Arsen Avakov of “counter-revolutionary activity” and doing the bidding of Russia’s security services.

Roman Koval, who called himself a co-ordinator for Right Sector in the region where Muzychko was killed, threatened Avakov with revenge.

The minister, in turn, vowed to disarm all illegal armed groups, including Right Sector, which helped guard Maidan and fought with riot police during three months of protests.

“Some ministers no longer take our calls, and the government is not listening to the people,” warned singer and activist Ruslana Lyzhychko. “It’s dangerous, and we need to build a bridge between officials and the public. The authorities must work with Maidan.”



The shooting of Oleksander Muzychko also known as Sashko Bily in Ukraine has led to calls for the acting interior minister to stand down.

The activist, part of the Right Sector movement that played a leading role in the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych was killed, say the Interior Ministry by officers of the ‘Sokol’ special unit.

“We can’t keep silent while the Ministry of the Interior is acting against the revolution. This is why we demand that the acting Minister Arsen Avakov resigns immediately. We also demand that the commander of the Sokol special forces and all those who are guilty of Sashko’s murder should be arrested,” said Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector.

The dead man told his supporters he feared for his life and that the police were out to kill him.

“If there were around three dozen special officers I believe they could have taken him alive and then explain to him why he was arrested and what criminal group he was supposed to be a member of. But it looks as if they have wounded him, arrested him and then shot him in the heart,” opined Ihor Mazur one of his colleagues from the Right Sector.

 The Interior Minister rejected calls to stand down.

“I call all those who are dressing up and carrying arms bandits whether they are from the hard-line Right Sector or the Fatherland Party or the Samooborona self-defence unit of Maidan.

‘Real patriots are defending Ukraine at the borders not storming some companies or taking over some households especially when they have unregistered rifles,” said Arsen Avakov Ukraine’s acting Interior Minister.

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