Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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May 05, 2014

Vladimir Suchan, 'Reuters, a media extension of the Empire, reports on the Odessa massacre as follows':


First sentence: "Ukraine's Interior Minister said on Monday he had drafted a new special forces unit into the southern port city of Odessa after the "outrageous" failure of police to tackle pro-Russian separatists in a weekend of violence that killed dozens."


So the massacre is moved way into the background and the main problem was not that the fascists working with the police "based on civilian activists" (read: the Right Sector), as the article a bit later says) killed some 100 people, but that there was some "outrageous failure to tackle pro-Russian separatists" (the victims of the massacre!). The massacre is then reduced to "violence" and it was then this abstract "violence that killed dozens." How much one can torture language in order to whitewash fascism and serve the Empire?

The article then continues after spending some times on accusing Moscow of the "rebellion": "Kiev's anger on Monday focused on the Odessa police decision to release 67 largely pro-Russian militants after supporters besieged and stormed a police station on Sunday." So the fascist junta's anger was focused on letting go under the pressure of outraged Odessites the many detained victims of the massacre most of whom were older and old people, including many women! Yes, having to release the dozens of the survivors of the massacre, how awful does it look in the eyes of the fascists and their PR-sensitive Western handlers!

In the very next paragraph, Reuters dutifully calls the detained survivors and victims of the fascist organized violence "militants" and these people who were actually civilians and unarmed are now turned even into armed militants, according to Reuters that, evidently, never bothered to look at the faces or the interviews with the released people: "The militants had been arrested on Friday after hours of clashes, with the use of petrol bombs and small arms, on the streets of the Black Sea city. Pro-Russian supporters withdrew to a building that later burnt down with the loss of over 40 people ..." See the building either burned down (which is actually not quite true) by itself or somehow the victims did it to themselves--that what the Reuters language implies. There are no fascist paramilitaries in sight in this Reuters account. And the number of the casualties is lowered as much as possible "over 40 people" ... without identification that the dead and severely wounded were only on the side of the "pro-Russian," that is, antifascist side.

Then Reuters caps its manipulation of the story with this: "The exact circumstances of the blaze remain unclear but the deaths have become a cause célèbre for anti-Kiev activists across the south and east." Remain unclear to whom? On top of it, Reuters then nonchalantly calls the massacre "a cause célèbre"! Really? A a cause célèbre? Would Reuters also call other fascist crimes from World War II or Holocaust "a cause célèbre"? Or 9/11?

Reuters then adds as if affirming the junta's supposed prudence and caution, the released ones were only part of the political prisoners seized by the junta. For the junta made sure to move most of the prisoners out of Odessa: "Avakov said other detainees had been transferred away from Odessa in the night to more central areas of Ukraine to prevent any premature release." Any "premature release" of most of the survivors and victims of the fascist mayhem is in the eyes of the fascist junta "premature."

So much for telling as it is when it comes to our richly funded corporate media who are hardly more than PR sluts for fascism in Ukraine.

Reuters story:

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