Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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June 06, 2014

Ukraine: What to do when you are asked to recognize a bastard as a nice guy? Help others see the bastard for what he is. Vladimir Suchan, June 6, 2014


At the G-7 meeting in Brussels (downsized from 8, the 8th being Russia) on June 5, hence just one day before the anniversary of the deliberately belated opening of the s-called second front in Europe, which insured that 80% of the blood paid by the "allies" in defeating fascism was paid in the blood of the Soviet people, Obama and Cameron issued what sounds like an imperial ultimatum: Putin should recognize Poroshenko as the legitimate president of (the whole of) Ukraine or else!

In this regard, an idea dropped on me today in the morning, as I was getting up.

How could Russia respond? The Western demand is just a different way of demanding that Russia abandon all the millions of Russians in Ukraine and that the Russian government may thus commit a suicide because the West wishes so ... For, on the wishlist of the West is apparently the idea that, since they want Russia to disappear as an entity to be reckoned with, the ideal way would if if Russia just stab herself in the back. Otherwise, the demand itself is very unprecedented and crude. As far as I can remember never in history other states threatened with sanctions or measures of war if some other sovereign state does not disown its sovereign right to recognize or not to recognize anyone it wants to.

According to the West, Russia is not entitled even to the freedom to make up its own justifiable judgment over legitimacy of elections, moreover, in the case, of legitimacy of elections run by a fascist, unconstitutional regime that is, moreover, not just rabidly anti-Russian, but that feels that its whole purpose is wage war on Russia and the Russians.

So what to do? So here is at last my morning thought: if the West demands that Russia recognize a thieving oligarch, who "disgraced" himself as leaked US diplomatic correspondence made it known and who is in cahoots with fascists, then Russia might or rather should demand that the US recognize and own up to 1) its crimes in Iraq and 2) its support for al Qaeda in Libya and Syria. Otherwise, Russia only needs to invest perhaps merely some tens of thousands of dollars for gathering and publishing all the evidence by independent investigative teams of journalists, activists and forensic experts whom Russia could help merely with some technical equipment, travel expenses and daily diet.

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