September 15, 2014

Andrew Taylor: Part 1 Reflections on Obama's rise to power

Immorality walks hand in hand with fascism. Late capitalist societies embrace a radical relativism where there is a celebration of immediacy, shock, sensation, the cult of violence, and all-round debasement of human dignity. This is the cultural concomitant to the seizure of State-power by Fascism with Big Business its partner. We are well into this process culturally and politically . At 9/11 there was a coup in America. Democracy has very little real vigor in the west. We live in a Plutocracy ~ the War-party of super-rich international capitalists and their retainers rule us (their retainers being the press, politicians etc). Few of us have theoretically caught up with our present status, never mind thought through an appropriate strategy and tactic of fightback appropriate to this calamity.

The appearance of Barack Obama as candidate for the presidency was not the result of a groundswell from below but the result of the rational self-interest of the US ruling-class within the Democratic Party's uppermost echelons. The sane section of the US ruling-class was acutely aware that the overtly fascistic Bush presidential junta was despised throughout the world, international alliances had been placed in jeopardy, America was seen for what it in fact was~ the most avaricious and ambitious aggressor on earth.
As the establishment absorbed this data of despair it stumbled across a wild card in the junior Senator from Illinois. He was a charming elegant young man,a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he had served as president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a forceful orator. But most importantly, he was black. The latter fact was the heady magic given the systemic racism of American life! And unlike in past American times, the radical idea of a black candidate was opportune, it was in this crisis time for American Power, the outward and visible sign to the world that 'America had changed' inwardly. Hillary, the Heir Apparent of the Democratic Party must be sacrificed! Hillary, the all-but anointed next nominee of the Democratic Party must be sacrificed! Her transparently bitter, Machiavellian power fetish would not sell in this profoundly despairing American moment. Besides, her ambition was undying; she would be the Dem nominee after Barack had pacified the anxious globe. And so the career of Barack Obama as the Leader of a sanitized, better, nobler USA began. Nothing about US global hegemony was changed but the optics.In fact Obama were he to be elected president would cement American ruling-class power. Henceforth the issues of American aggressions would become secondary to optics. 

(To be continued)

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