April 15, 2015

CP of Greece: 70 years after the Antifascist Victory - On the confrontation against fascism and the imperialist wars. 15 04 15

70 years after the Antifascist Victory: On the confrontation against fascism and the imperialist wars

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Intervention of the KKE at the 37th international Theoretical-Political Conference of Prague:"To the anti-communist disinformation about the causes, course and results of the World War II; to the danger of a new rise of fascism"

The Conference was organized by the Prague City Organization of the CP of Bohemia and Moravia

Dear comrades,

The day when the Red Flag, the banner of the first socialist state, the Soviet Union, was raised triumphantly over the Reichstag by the Red Army, which had crushed the main part of the allegedly invincible armies of Nazi Germany, remains one of the brightest pages in the people’s history.

The KKE pays tribute to all those who gave their lives or were disabled on the battlefields and in the underground resistance in order to smash the fascist monster, which was created by capitalism. To the communist parties all over the world which led the national liberation struggles.

To all those who fought with weapons or with leaflets in their hands, maintained a heroic stance in the dungeons and in the face of the execution squads. To the countless who died of hunger, the main victims of which were children. To the millions who were tortured in the terrible concentration and death camps, and in every place where unspeakable horrors were committed, where the exploitation of man by man reached its nadir, with the absolute degradation of human existence.

We honour and defend from distortion the enormous contribution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).  The Soviet Union shouldered the main burden of the war. It made the decisive contribution at an enormous cost.

For this reason, the Soviet Union, its people, the Red Army, the Communist Party of the Bolsheviks which was at the head of this titanic struggle, its youth the Komsomol, deserve the recognition and gratitude of all those who honour the anti-fascist victory. As the smallest tribute to this immortal epic, everyone must condemn the wretched attempts to blacken its name, something which the organizations and mechanisms of the bourgeois class and capitalism are constantly attempting.

The victory of the Soviet Union, with J.V. Stalin as its leader, over Nazi Germany and its allies was achieved due to: the role of the working class soviet power in the creation and organization of the defensive buttressing of the Soviet Union. Due to the advantages offered by the socialization of the means of production and the central planning of the economy. Due to the leading role of the popular masses, with the working class as the leading force. To the role of the Communist Party as the revolutionary workers’ vanguard. It is a hugely important historical lesson for the present and future of the revolutionary movement.

The salvation of the Soviet Union would not have been possible if it had not traveled, in the 20 years after the end of the civil war that followed the October Revolution, an enormous distance along the road of consciously planned socio-economic and cultural development, socialist construction.

The Soviet epic is a legacy for all those who struggle to establish socialism-communism. It does not belong to governments like Putin’s , pillars of Russian imperialism which exploit the 9th of May to ideologically reinforce the capitalist restoration in the USSR, hijacking the sacrifices of millions of communist men and women and concealing who created the soviet achievement and for what reasons they did so.

The KKE is proud that it was the instigator, organizer and main provider of militants for the great resistance of our people, under the banners of EAM.

The national liberation movement of our country, the armed struggle of ELAS, emerged as one of the most mass movements in the occupied countries. All the national liberation movements, the partisans, made their own important contribution, with the Communist Parties at their head.

We are inspired and we learn from history in order to deal with the tasks of the present and the future with greater maturity and readiness.

The KKE addresses itself to the working class, the poor popular strata and especially to the young men and women and calls on them to seek out the truth, the real facts and the reasons that caused global and local wars, the rise and domination of fascism-Nazism in certain countries.

The inter-state unions and every kind of official organ that serves capitalism harbour unalloyed hatred for May 1945, because it is the symbol of the antifascist victory of the peoples. They are attempting to erase it from the people’s memory, to distort its content, to turn the historical truth on its head. This is a component of their anticommunist-antisocialist propaganda in order to conceal the organic connection of the Nazi-fascist monstrosity with monopoly capitalism and the major responsibilities of the bourgeois and social-democratic parties. The European Union is in the frontline of this organized and dirty campaign.

They must not achieve their aims. The working class and the popular strata, the scientists, the intellectuals, all the people who do not accept the distortion of history and anticommunism have a duty to oppose them. All those who understand that historical knowledge and the scientific conclusions that arise from it are essential resources for the consciousness and the victorious struggle of the peoples and youth against the iron boot of the dictatorship of the monopolies and the horror of the imperialist wars. So that they can finally put an end to the womb that gives birth to these phenomena and the terrain that nourishes them.

This is what determines the task to protect the peoples and younger generations from the great threats against them which are created by the sharpening imperialist competition, the capitalist crises, the great impasses of ageing capitalism that is in decay.

The KKE, with a sense of responsibility, vigorously defends the historical truth and highlights the lessons from the heroic struggle of the peoples and the communist movement. It considers that it is a primary task to systematically research and utilize in the formation of its strategy the conclusions from the struggle of the revolutionary movements. It courageously underlines its own mistakes and weaknesses and those of the movement. The prettifying of reality is alien to communists. There is an abyss that separates our criticisms and self-criticism from the slanderous ideological offensive of the KKE’s and revolutionary movement’s enemies, as well as from the idealization and one-sided focus on mistakes which is characteristic of opportunism. Our motives and aims are diametrically opposed to these approaches.

With a century’s worth of experience, struggles and sacrifices for the people and socialism, the KKE highlights the need for a consistent ideological-political front against every form of capital’s dictatorship, such as the Nazi-fascist one.

Fascism emerges from the bowels of the capitalist system and is not merely the result of a form of management e.g. the neo-liberal policy, as the opportunist and social-democratic forces of Europe are claiming. It is one of the forms used by the monopolies to exercise power. It also defends capitalist ownership of the means of production, the exploitation of man by man. Particularly in conditions of capitalist crisis, poverty, unemployment, and the decay of the governing bourgeois parties, the bourgeois classes utilize the Nazi parties in multiple ways, as fortified redoubts to serve its interests. It utilizes bourgeois activity which, with its extreme nationalism and alleged “solidarity”, casts a net over popular forces, the unemployed, ruined petty bourgeois strata and assimilates them.

The KKE in a well-substantiated way reveals to the people that the bourgeois class and the capitalist state abolish or bypass bourgeois democracy, bourgeois parliamentarianism and legality, which they themselves had established. When their interests demand it and they judge it to be necessary, they carry out military and political coups, suspend their own laws, in order to intensify state and every other form of violence and repression, restrictions on any political and trade union freedoms.

To repel anti-communist slanders

Imperialism is attempting to erase the contribution of the communist movement in order to conceal the achievements of the socialist system. They are attempting to manipulate the younger generations with black propaganda in order to subjugate them in a mass way to their crimes today.

The imperialist centres conceal the fact that the unjust wars emerge from the heart and veins of the capitalist system and that they are not caused by some maniacs, as Hitler and Mussolini are often presented as being. On the contrary, the Soviet Union having eradicated the exploitation of man by man, abolished the incentive for taking part in the division and redivision of the world. It is precisely for this reason that of the participating states only the USSR was conducting a just war.

They deliberately hide the fact that the 2nd World War revived the hopes of the counterrevolutionary forces in the Soviet Union, which saw it as great opportunity to restore capitalism and consequently allied with the Germans.

They conceal the fact that the crimes against humanity were not only committed by the Axis powers, but also by the governments of the “democratic” bourgeois states. The USA committed the most massive and awful crime of all these, when it dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (6 and 9th of August 1945), without there existing any military need to do so.

The anticommunist centres fabricate monstrous lies and do not hesitate to utilize slanders-provocations of the Nazis in order to throw mud at the USSR! A characteristic example of this is the so-called “Katyn massacre”. EU governments and organs as well as those of other countries accuse the USSR, despite the fact that the execution of the Polish officers took place, according to the findings, after the autumn of 1941, when the region had been occupied by the Nazis. It is well-known that the head of Nazi propaganda himself, Goebbels, in his diary recognized that the Germans committed the crime, that the bullets found were German and gave instructions for this to be concealed and for the slanderous propaganda campaign against the Soviet Union to continue.

The EU, playing the leading role in the anti-communist hysteria, established the 9th of May as the “Day of Europe”, canceling out the “Day of the People’s Victory”! It is no accident that the expulsion of the German armies and liberation of the countries of Eastern Europe by the Red Army is labeled as occupation! The deserters from the German army, who defected to the opponents and chiefly to the Red Army, are essentially considered to be a “national shame” in Germany and Austria.

The EU and the USA support the attempt to historically rehabilitate and vindicate the fascists in the countries of the Baltic and Ukraine, who during the 2nd World War aligned with the Nazis. They labeled them “militants for democracy” because they fought against the Red Army and Soviet power. And while the fascist crimes of the SS legions, the so-called “Ukrainian Liberation Army” and other similar organizations are well-known, they present them to the younger generations as “patriots” and “democrats”. The official propaganda in the Baltic countries reached the point of presenting the concentration camps as “reformatory centres”.

Recently the EU and the USA, in the framework of their competition with Russia, openly intervened in the developments in Ukraine in order to overthrow the elected government. They did not hesitate to support fascist forces in order to promote their geopolitical designs.

The contribution of the KKE to the anti-fascist victory

On the 28th of October 1940, fascist Italy declared war on and invaded Greece from the territory of Albania. The Glixbourg-Metaxas dictatorship expressed bourgeois power in cooperation with Britain, with the consent of the bourgeois parties that gave a vote of confidence and toleration to this government. The mobilization of the people and their heroism on the battlefields in the Pindus Mountains temporarily impeded the invasion.

The KKE, from the very first moment, gave a clarion call of resistance against the invader, despite the fact that it had been seriously damaged by the Metaxas Dictatorship, with thousands of its members in prison and exile. With his first open letter, which was published on the 2nd of November 1940, Nikos Zachariades, the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, from the Athens prison where he was being held, called on the Greek people to lend all their strength to this struggle, stressing that “The prize for the working people and the completion of today’s struggle must be and will be a new Greece of the world of work and of freedom, liberated from every foreign imperialist dependency, with a truly popular culture.” Two other letters of N. Zachariades followed, which correctly characterized the war as imperialist and called on the army-people to overthrow the government and take the defense of the borders into their own hands with the support of the Soviet Union. These two letters were never published because, unknown to Zachariades, they were delivered by informers into the hands of the state  security.

In addition, the imprisoned communists from the very first moment demanded to be released in order to fight at the front, something that was refused however by the Metaxas Dictatorship, which then later handed them over to the German occupiers.

On the 27th of April 1941, German troops entered Athens and the country found itself under the triple occupation of Germany, Italy and Bulgaria. A section of the bourgeois political world chose open collaboration with the occupiers. Another section escaped, together with the Palace, abroad (Cairo, London), taking enormous amounts of the state’s gold reserves with them. A third section stayed in Greece and stood aside from the struggle, looking in an opportunistic manner to future developments, while another section undertook an anti-occupation struggle, while at the same time cooperating with the occupiers in order to strike against EAM-ELAS and the KKE.

The KKE devoted all its forces to organizing the resistance against the occupier. A handful of communists who were free and others who escaped from the prisons began the struggle to develop the resistance in the difficult conditions of the triple occupation and the defeatism and passivity fostered amongst the people by the bourgeois forces. It was the basic instigator, guide and provider of men and women for the EAM resistance. It gave its best children to this struggle. At its initiative, the Workers’ National Liberation Front was created immediately after the beginning of the occupation (EEAM-16th of July 1941) and on the 27th of September 1941 it founded EAM. EAM rallied the great majority of the working class and the popular strata.

EAM organized the people’s resistance and saved them from hunger, ELAS (The People’s Liberation Army) developed a very significant armed struggle. The seeds of a new power were created in the liberated areas (local government, People’s Justice). The people’s cultural ascendance was nourished in these conditions. On the 10th of March 1944, The Political Committee of National Liberation was formed (PEEA), the central political body that administered the liberated areas.

It organized elections the conditions of the occupation (23 of April 1944) for the “National Council”, which had its headquarters in Koryschades (30th of April 1944). Women and young people over the age of 18 voted for the first time in these elections. About 1,800,000 people voted. It should be noted that in the parliamentary elections of 1936, 1 million people took part, as women did not have the right to vote then.

Thanks to the activity of EAM, not one worker was sent to work in the German factories, with the exception of those the Germans had captured as hostages. Thanks to EAM not one person was sent to fight against the Soviet Union, while ELAS forced 8 to 12 enemy divisions to remain in Greece.

Thousands of communists and other supporters of EAM gave their lives. Kaisariani, Kournovo, Akronafplio, Kokkinia, Haidari, Ai-stratis, the “Pavlos Melas” camp are only a few of the places where these sacrifices were made.

It is a provocation and an act of desecration for SYRIZA to present its ascendance to government as a vindication of EAM’s struggles, when it continues to politically defend the bourgeois class and its power and the country’s attachment to the imperialist organizations and alliances, like NATO, the EU and the USA, when everyone knows that EAM and ELAS came into armed conflict with imperialism in order to serve the just cause of the people. There can be absolutely no correlation of the heroic struggle of EAM-ELAS with today’s “leftwing” management of capitalism by SYRIZA.

This mass people’s struggle was not able to reach the final victory.

The KKE, despite its contribution, was not sufficiently strategically-politically prepared to pose the issue of conquering working class power as a result of the resistance struggle and as the prize of the people’s struggle. It was not able to form the preconditions for a trajectory that could, at least in terms of the subjective factor, have led to victory, to workers’ power.

It detached the struggle against war and fascism-Nazism from the need to fight for workers’ power.

The deeper reasons for the KKE’s weakness

The deeper reasons that did not allow the KKE to take the options that would have advanced the struggle of the armed people’s movement towards the conquest of workers’ power flowed from the contradictions in its own strategy and that of the Communist International. Problems of ideological and strategic unity manifested themselves throughout the CI’s entire course in relation to the character of the revolution, the character of the coming war after the rise to power of fascism in Germany and the stance towards social-democracy. The dissolution of the CI (May 1943), despite the problems it had regarding unity and regardless of whether it could have been maintained or not, deprived the International Communist Movement both the centre and the potential to elaborate its revolutionary strategy in a coordinated way so that it could transform the struggle against imperialist war and foreign occupation into a struggle for power, as a unified task for every CP in the conditions of their countries.

The problematic strategy of stages which it had in the period 1941-1944 was based on the decision of the 6th Plenum of the CC (1934), on the decisions of the CI (7th Congress) and the 6th Congress of the KKE in 1935. This strategic line was expressed at the 2nd National Conference (1942), as well as in the Programmatic Declaration “People’s Rule and Socialism”. Mistaken political choices of the KKE’s leadership were made on this basis, such as the Agreements of Lebanon and Caserta. These agreements also had the feature of compromise with bourgeois forces.

More generally in the capitalist west, the CPs did not form a strategy of transforming the imperialist war or the national liberation struggle into a struggle for the conquest of power. The strategy of the communist movement did not appreciate the fact that the contradiction between labour and capital was contained inside the antifascist-national liberation character of the armed struggle in a series of countries, so that they could place the problem of power on the agenda, as socialism and the communist perspective are the only alternative solution to capitalist barbarity.

The war created conditions characterized by the significant sharpening of the class contradictions inside many countries, but the antifascist struggle only led to the overthrow of bourgeois power in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, thanks to the decisive support provided by the Red Army to the people’s movements.

The revival of fascism

The KKE honours the 70th anniversary of the people’s victory over fascism and calls on the working people, the pensioners, and the youth in Greece to decisively condemn and isolate Nazi criminal Golden Dawn.  It is a vehicle of the reactionary theory known as National Socialism, which is a mixture of ideas and slogans of utopian petty bourgeois socialism with nationalism. It follows the examples of Hitler, the fascist regimes that butchered the peoples and humanity, the Security Battalions -the collaborators with the occupation forces- the dictatorship of 1967-1974. It promotes crude anticommunism and hatred against the labour and people’s movement. It organizes and carries out criminal acts against it. It has connections with sections of the state apparatus and especially the forces of repression and with criminal networks. It is directly supported by sections of capital.

The murder Pavlos Fissas, a 34 year old man from Keratsini, the attack against members and cadres of the KKE in Perama are part of a series of criminal attacks against immigrants, tradesmen, workers, young people that reveal the true criminal face of Golden Dawn.

The emergence of Golden Dawn and the rise of its influence in Greece occurred in conditions of a deep and protracted capitalist economic crisis, with the rapid reduction of the influence of the parties that have served for decades as pillars of the bourgeois political system, in a period when the movement has not regrouped its forces in an anti-capitalist antimonopoly direction. Golden Dawn utilized the vague “anti-memorandum” rhetoric that was also used by the “leftwing” SYRIZA, concealing the real causes of the crisis and the ferocious attack against the people’s rights, the role of the EU etc in order gain support and an audience for its fascist demagogy. It utilized the well-known slogans about the “kleptocracy”, “loan sharks”, “thieving politicians”. In addition, it was accommodated and covered by various activities that were permeated by the reactionary and disorienting slogan “parties out, trade unions out”.  Golden Dawn is being reinforced by the anticommunism and the hatred which is fostered by the system towards the workers’ and people’s struggles. It was benefited by the promotion of the reactionary theory of the “two extremes”; by the demagogy and the racist ideological constructs of the bourgeois parties regarding the issue of immigration, which is a product of the imperialist wars and interventions, of the uneven development and the internationalization of the capitalist market. It is fed by the decay of the bourgeois system, by the EU guidelines which equate fascism with communism and demand measures be taken against “extremism” and “radicalism”.

The people and the movement should not be complacent despite the arrests and the trials, in relation to the murderous attacks, both of the leading cadres of Golden Dawn and of those cadres who actually implement the decisions. No one should forget that Golden Dawn was provocatively promoted and prettified by a large section of the mass media, and that there are attempts to utilize it in the various plans for the reformation of the political system. The coalition government of SYRIZA-ANEL also bears great responsibilities as cadres of both parties are fostering an attitude of tolerance vis a vis Golden Dawn utilizing various parliamentary procedures as a pretext.

Golden Dawn and Nazi activity cannot be tackled using theories about “constitutional”, “parliamentary” and “democratic” arcs, by the alleged improvement of the functioning of bourgeois democracy, as other political forces like SYRIZA, PASOK, “POTAMI” suggest.

The reactionary bourgeois state is neither wiling nor able to tackle Nazism root and branch; neither can the so called “antifascist fronts”, an alliance of the labour-people’s movement in cooperation with bourgeois political forces. Only the people’s alliance, the development of the class struggle with the aim of overthrowing the monopolies’ power, the capitalist system can deal with Nazism. Only the mass struggle and the decisiveness of the people and the youth can delegitimize and root out Golden Dawn from among the masses, once and for all.

At this point, we would like to clarify that it might be possible to agree with bourgeois and opportunist forces on some issues on how to deal with the fascist organizations. But creating an alliance with them is something different. You should always take into account the strategic commitments of all social and political forces when considering an alliance.

Let me give you some examples: before the recent elections, the parliament decided to suspend the state financing of Golden Dawn.  All parties agreed on this, including the KKE, due to Golden Dawn’s criminal activity. This did not require an “anti-fascist alliance”, but political will.

Unfortunately this political will was absent during the municipal and regional elections (2014), the EU parliamentary elections (2014) and the national elections (2015) when the KKE demanded that Golden Dawn should not be given airtime on TV to poison the consciousness of the working people with its criminal ideology. It is remarkable that all political parties (right-wing, social democratic, “left” including SYRIZA) opposed the proposal of the KKE in the name of “safeguarding democracy”.

In addition, we should note the particularly dangerous attitude of the Speaker of the Parliament, a well-known cadre of SYRIZA, who is taking a series of initiatives for the rehabilitation of Golden Dawn claiming for instance that the Parliament cannot function properly unless the state prosecutor allows the fascist MPs, who are remanded in custody for murders, attacks and other criminal actions, to attend the parliamentary procedures. At the same time, SYRIZA, whenever it suits it, raises the banner of the alleged antifascist struggle.

Allow us to say a few words about the revival of fascism in Ukraine: our party has assessed that the conflict in Ukraine broke out on the terrain of capitalism and was caused by the open intervention of the USA and the EU in the internal affairs of the Ukraine, in the framework of their fierce competition with Russia over the market shares, the raw materials, the energy transport networks. In this framework, the USA and the EU have no problem relying on fascist forces in order to promote their geopolitical interests.

This is not a new phenomenon. We have seen in our country, for instance, that Great Britain had no problem in joining forces with the fascist regime of Metaxas (1936-1940) in order to promote its own geopolitical plans. This did not mean that Britain was a fascist power in that period. This demonstrates how baseless the views on “exported fascism” are, views which are supported by certain comrades who claim that the USA and the EU are exporting fascism to the world, and to Ukraine amongst other places.

As regards the region of Donbass: we understand very well what dangers the vindictiveness and the hatred of this section of the bourgeoisie that governs in Kiev entail for the people of the region.  We know that this section is supported by the USA and the EU and seeks to eliminate all political forces that hinder the assimilation into the EU and NATO, even the national and linguistic minorities, especially those that are considered to be seeking an alliance with the capitalist Russia. The structures of power which were formed in the so-called “People’s Republics” are bourgeois ones and the relations of production remain capitalist. We note that the power has been transferred form Ukrainian oligarchs to the local bourgeoisie, which is closely connected with Russia. It characteristic that the new governments of the People’s Republics in Donetsk and Lugansk continued to send to Central and Western Ukraine the coal extracted from the coalmines of Donbass. Although the people of the republic of Donbass have been left with no coal during winter, they supplied the territories which are controlled by Kiev. The taxes from the enterprises that are still operating in Donbass were also given to Kiev. In addition, the owners of the enterprises were collecting war taxes from the working people of Southeast Ukraine,  for the so called operations against terrorism!

The above-mentioned demonstrate, once again, that the power will either be in the hands of the bourgeois class or in the hands of the working class. There is no intermediate “left”, “patriotic” or “anti-fascist” power. Our party expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the working people in Donbass and generally in the Ukraine and assesses that this struggle cannot be placed under a “false flag” but should raise its own banner: for the socialization of the means of production, the central planning of the economy, working class power, socialism.

Dear comrades,

The KKE stresses that the struggle against fascism, for the defense of the workers’ rights and the people’s gains must not be detached from the struggle against the monopolies, against capitalist exploitation and capitalist power, that it must not slide into alliances with bourgeois and opportunist forces which seek to rescue the parliamentary form of the capitalist dictatorship. The goal of working class power must be a firm commitment. The goal of the people’s alliance as a social alliance with an antimonopoly-anti-capitalist direction, as a working class-people’s opposition against bourgeois power should not change its direction or its content. Only in this way can the people’s struggle safeguard its prospect.

The recent economic crisis has sharpened the competition and the contradictions between the capitalist states and their various imperialist alliances which are becoming increasingly aggressive against the peoples in order to reinforce their geopolitical position, for the division of the markets, the control of the energy resources and the transport routes. The sharpening of the contradictions and the escalating imperialist interventions and wars in Ukraine, Middle East, North Africa, Balkans, etc are outlining even more intensely the threat of a generalized imperialist war in our wider region as well as around the world.

The KKE has taken a clear position regarding an imperialist war in a complicated situation which is being formed e.g. in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Balkans, in the Middle East, taking into consideration the domestic and external contradictions: the workers’ and people’s movement must not be trapped in the framework of the aims of the Greek bourgeois class or follow any possible different choices, or identify itself with a differentiated stance of sections, parties or institutions of the bourgeoisies in the framework of the two-sided schema of imperialist war-imperialist peace.

The struggle for the defense of the borders, for the defense of the sovereign rights of Greece from the standpoint of the working class and the popular strata cannot be separated from the struggle for the overthrow of capital’s power.

In addition, we communists, who base our analyses on the theory of scientific socialism, know very well that war is continuation of politics by other specifically violent means. War arises on the terrain of the conflict of different economic interests, which permeate the entire system of capitalism. This is the reason why, even if war in the conditions of capitalism is inevitable (like economic crises, unemployment, poverty etc); it is not a natural phenomenon. It is a social phenomenon, as it is connected to the nature of the society we live in. This is the society which has the profitability of those who possess the means of production as its “corner-stone”. The monopolies and their power give rise to the imperialist war. In conclusion, our struggle for a society where the means of production will be the property of the people (and not the property of the very few), where the economy will operate  planned centrally and controlled by the workers themselves, with the aim of satisfying the needs of the people (and not the increase of the capitalists’ profits) is integrally connected to the struggle against the imperialist war and  the "peace" imposed by the imperialists with the gun to the people's head, which prepares the new imperialist wars.

Nevertheless, this formulation of ours, that as long as capitalism exists, the conditions will exist which give rise to war, does not mean fatalism and defeatism! Quite the opposite. We address ourselves to the working class of the country, to the peoples of our region and we stress that their interests are identified with the common anti-capitalist-anti-monopoly struggle, for the disengagement from the imperialist organizations, the removal of the foreign military bases and nuclear weapons, the return home of the military forces from the imperialist missions, the expression of solidarity with every people which is struggling and seeks to chart its own development path. So that our country is disentangled from the imperialist plans and wars. So that slogan becomes a reality: “No land, no water for the murderers of the peoples.” This is a daily struggle. A struggle with specific goals, which the communists wage in a way which is united with the struggle for power and not detached from it.

Because Lenin’s theses continue to be relevant which note that “In such conditions, the slogans of pacifism, of international disarmament under capitalism, of arbitration, etc., are not only a reactionary utopia but the downright deception of the toilers, intended to disarm the proletariat and to divert it from the task of disarming the exploiters.

Only a proletarian communist revolution can lead humanity out of the deadlock created by imperialism and imperialist wars. No matter what difficulties the revolution may have to encounter and in spite of temporary failure of waves of counter-revolution the final victory of the proletariat is inevitable.”[1]

[1] V.I. Lenin: “Programme of the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik)”. 1919

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