May 11, 2015

The vulgar and underhanded activity of SYRIZA on Antifascist Victory Day - from the KKE - 11 05 15


While the KKE was honouring the Antifascist victory with a large event, certain organizations, with the participation of the governmental “left” party SYRIZA, were holding a festival for the decriminalization of so-called “soft” drugs in the centre of Athens.

As Dimitris Koutsoumpas stressed, “they are so shameless that they do not hesitate to organize, on the day of the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples, events promoting drug culture and the spread of drugs. In Syntagma Square, with the participation indeed of the relevant department of the CC of SYRIZA and its youth organization, there is an event for the free circulation of hashish.” As the GS of the CC of the KKE denounced “They are all attempting to drug the youth, to put them to sleep.”

In its statement, KNE underlined that it is vulgar and underhand for some people to seek to dirty this crowning moment in the history of the people’s struggle with rotten ideas and stressed that “the “liberation” of drugs will make those people happy who want the youth asleep, lost in the false paradise of drugs and not protagonists in the struggle for a life with dignity, contemporary rights and real freedom. We struggle for a society free from drugs and not one with free drugs.”

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