Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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June 14, 2015

Thinking about Bernie's Candidacy, by Andrew Taylor 14 Jun 15

If nominated, which is an Alice Through The Looking Glass "if", Bernie Sanders will draw to himself all the American nationalistic venom and mythology about the 'devil' Socialism. I don't understand why he is running in his mid 70s or whathis  endgame is and I'd appreciate it if readers could educate me. What can Bernie do to push the US into a more progressive politics? How can his campaign accomplish this?

I'm told by Carl Davidson that Bernie's campaign is "a popular front vs finance capital, war and the right." But how - just for instance- is Sander's response to the last decimation of Gaza an "anti-war" position? It is true that earlier in his career in Washington he opposed the Iraq war – but its not often pointed out that afterwards he routinely voted to fund the Iraq war and likewise with Afghanistan. He voted for "the Iran Freedom Support Act", which locked in Sanctions and funded groups trying to overthrow the Iranian regime. 

Bernie fully supported the war in Kosovo. And as Daniel Wirt informs me Sanders supported "the Russia Aggression Prevention Act" which put the USA on a platform to spring into open war against Russia.

My darkest thought (which I am not absolutely confident is right) is that Bernie is running for the disheartened Left of the Democratic Party and Ind. Lefts to give them something positive to focus energies on because Hillary is so distasteful as an old Presidential Dynasty Warhorse candidate and a Hawk....When I pursue this possiblity I see him at the end of his attempt leading his minority of the progressives into Hillary's embrace to push up the Dem numbers. The progressive sample must be out in force and moved to Hillary's column by some means  if Hillary is to have the prize.

He has publicly promised not to be a "spoiler". I don't think in his fondest doting moments, this bid is a serious  shot at the Oval office.

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