Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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July 04, 2015

CP of Israel, Comrade Adel Amer, Newly Elected General Secretary of CPI: "the radical change that our party offers is more relevant than ever"

A new General Secretary was elected unanimously by the Central Committee of CPI on Friday 27 June 2015. The new GS, educator Adel Amer, has succeeded comrade Mohammed Nafa'h – a well-known Palestinian writer.

After his election, the new GS said to the CC: "I thank all comrades for the great confidence they gave me in electing me for this position. It is my own, and our, responsibility to lead the party and to consistently pursue our internationalist politics, and to anchor our values and principles within both peoples of this country, especially within the working class."

Comrade Amer also stated that the harsh reality we have been living in – reality of ongoing brutal occupation, ever-widening settlements, deepening exploitation of the working people, growing racism and fascism – makes the radical change that CPI has been offering for years more relevant than ever. "We adhere to our fundamental values and principles of just peace, equality, democracy and social justice as stages on the path to socialism. We also cling to the enduring heroic struggle of CPI and HADASH (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) and are committed to pursue it till victory".

The General Secretary called on all members of CPI to close ranks in following the principles of Marxism-Leninism and its revolutionary values, adhering to our social and political platform, and sticking to our avant-garde role in all class and political struggles. Amer also conveyed a special greeting to former GS comrade Mohammed Nafa'h, and emphasized that Nafa'h has always been and forever will remain a model of modesty, giving, and above all: struggling.

Amer, a native of Kufur Kassem, joined BANKI (CPI's youth movement) in 1979, and earned the Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Moscow University. He has served in many party functions, including secretary of Moscow branch, member of the CC of CPI, secretary of the "Triangle District" (an area within the easternmost part of Israel, just by the 1967 Occupied Territories), and an editorial board member of "Al Ittihad". He is also a well-known activist, educator and group leader in education for democracy.

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