November 10, 2015

Bad News for Worker and Human Rights in Ukraine's new Labor Law, Vladimir Suchan, Nov 9 15

The Kiev regime is now working on the new Labor Law, which ought to replace at last the last Soviet Labor Law from 1971. The bill has already passed its first reading in the parliament. The new law is to be firmly "democratic," that is to say, securely compatible with fascism, and, as it turns out, it is.

First and foremost, the new junta's law abolishes the non-discrimination clause. You know the clause which prohibits any discrimination because of age, family status, handicap, sex, sexual orientation, etc. Oligarchs, whether local or foreign, will be now free to discriminate.

Workers can now be laid off if their employer declares them "insufficiently qualified." Trade unions have also been thoroughly disconnected from having a say in the issues of labor. Every fascist would approve.

In exchange, the new labor law introduces a new provision which sounds much like reintroduction of serfdom: employers (read: oligarchs) can transfer to each other their work force or employees without needing any of the latter's consent.

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