Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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December 13, 2015

A very American coup : Andrew Taylor, Sun Dec 13, 2015

Someone recently asked me about the possibility of a United States military coup either to block Trump or with the cooperation of Trump. My reply was "You mean another US military coup? There had been a progressive creeping takeover of the American political state beginning in the late 1940's with Harry Truman, which president Eisenhower bemoaned in his Farewell  address to the American people January 17, 1961 on the encroachments of the Military Industrial Complex. The military coup was reinforced immeasurably by the plotting and subsequent American Reign of Terror after the 9/11 "Big Lie". Obama had the window of opportunity and popular backing to restore the Constitution after the Bush-Cheney assault on American democracy- there had been the promise from him of restoration of democratic norms, closing Guantanamo, etc.  He let it all slip and slide and even added to the excisions of democratic constitutional liberties.This has had an intimidating effect on telling the truth. Federal courts have repeatedly made anti-democratic decisions. Obama dropped naked invasion as the modus operandi in favour of targeted assassinations and the enlargement of the domestic national security state. His administration has been most determined in prosecuting people whom they believe have leaked information.

It is true populist feeling for change is running strong in the USA. But where can the masses find a progressive leadership? Bernie's policy sentiments strike a chord but the Democratic Party will not nominate him. Trump's bravado and reactionary noises are also attracting the masses. 8% of the people trust Congress. The people do not trust the Republicans or Democrats - hence Bernie and Trump's broad populist appeal. The hard left has minimal influence. Trade union membership is 11 percent of the American workforce compared to 20 per cent in 1983.

The Trump and Bernie bases overlap. The photo depicts the disaffected old school labor-Democrats that voted for Reagan, and their younger equivalents. 

The USA is a nation with very low standards of education and a corrupt bureaucracy and congress and presidency. All  are hamstrung and pork barrelling to satisfy their electoral or political dependents. Other nations call lobbying "Corruption". So the patient is etherised on the table and the coup's work will be slender barring a great renewal. That's why Trump is a popular favorite. America is an empire which lost its' republic post WW 2 in the Cold War - that process which Lillian Hellman called 'Scoundrel Time'. An informed politically independent and militant working-class beholden to neither bourgeois party is needed today. I see few signs of democratic renewal. 

Frankly, the workers have to a great extent been lulled and dumbed down into a level where there is the most ill informed sub primary-school global education.  And without education there is no vision and without vision the people perish. So the dying of America as global empire is underway- a very dangerous time. America needs no enemy, America has become its own enemy. The positive energies of US liberal democracy have been exhausted.

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