December 18, 2015

Andrew Taylor asks 'Is Rahm Emmanuel just the proverbial "rotten apple" in Chi-town or is he a typical rep of the Democratic Chicago machine?' Dec 18 2015

Is it just the proverbial "rotten apple" in Rahm Emmanuel or a filthy Democratic Chicago machine?

Looking back through the lens of all the dirty racialist cover-up ops in the murder of Laquan McDonald  in Chicago's city government,  was it a scapegoating deal that the Chicago Dems did on Rod Blagojevich ?,-- i mean was Blagojevich dirtier than Rahm or Obama's fundraiser Tony Rezko or the Daleys or Jesse or Anita Alvarez or Barack O. for that matter ? 

Since 1973, the U.S. attorney has indicted 30 aldermen and convicted 27 (one died before trial and two stand trial this spring).The Public Corruption and Accountability Project at UIC calculates that there have been more than 1,000 local and state governmental officials convicted since the 1970s. The "corruption tax," or cost of government corruption for Cook County residents, is now more than $300 million a year, greater than the local government tax increases this year.Can Chicago afford more local "Hired Truck" schemes, patronage hiring, or the state pension and driver license scandals of recent years?

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