December 01, 2015

'The Liquidation of Liquidationism' : VI Lenin on the opportunist wing of the workers' party

Lenin - 'The Liquidation of Liquidationism'

"in a period of bourgeois revolution, the opportunist wing of the workers’ party, at times of crisis, disintegration and collapse, is bound to be either out-and-out liquidationist or liquidator-ridden. In a period of bourgeois revolution the proletarian party is bound to have a following of petty-bourgeois fellow-travellers...who are least capable of digesting proletarian theory and tactics, least capable of holding their own in time of collapse, most likely to carry opportunism to its extreme." 

- from V.I. Lenin, 'The Liquidation of Liquidationism', Published: Proletary, No. 46, July 11 (24) 1909, 
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