Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
the struggle continues

January 04, 2016

America was born in blood - this is a bi-partisan issue the 2 parties agree on. Andrew Taylor 04 01 16

Thom Hartmann just asked his readers this question:

 "Would you call the militia in Oregon protesters, terrorists or traitors?"

My Answer:

The problem is deeper than your question Thom...America was born in Native American and slave blood. The Union was really cemented with millions of brothers killing brothers in The Civil War. The US since WW2 has been invading and destroying and subjugating a host of small countries. That is a bi-partisan issue the 2 parties agree on. US Media since The Cold War and after has terrorized Americans into fearing others. Commies and African Americans - now its terrorists popping up in our morning coffee cups! Americans are armed to the teeth and have fear and aggression in their national collective spirit. And people are surprised this band of losers did what they did? No - The US as a civilisation is going down. This sort of incident is to be expected...More to come.

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