Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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January 04, 2016

There are No Anti-Communists quite like CPUSA Anti-Communists ! Andrew Taylor 04 01 16

photo: cpusa sometime columnist Susan Webb

The ex-communist (now anti-communist) - which has been covertly liquidating and transitioning into a media entity apparently never tires of red-baiting and demonising the various 20th century socialist revolutions in a frankly ignorant, ahistorical, xenophobic, un-nuanced way. Their Columnist Susan Webb's musings (below) could have been written by any anti-communist Junior Varsity essay-writer in the United States of Amnesia.
cpusa chair John Bachtell
Susan Webb's latest syntactically tortured piece in and is a particularly wild slap at the cause and allegiance of The CPUSA's 20th century Party-builders who wrote this party into their Wills. She writes:

"Even for the most dedicated believers, socialism has been a pretty abstract concept, or one defined, stereotyped and hobbled by the experiences of Russia and the Soviet Union, many of which were harsh, even cruel (and criminal), ultimately self-destructive, and inapplicable to American society and culture."

I'm not through with analysing the victories and failures of ‪#‎Russia's Revolution‬ and the other national and international Communist experiments of the 20th (or 21st century!) movement, but I'm thoroughly utterly through with the floundering thing!

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