Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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January 05, 2016

These are the 'evils of Communism' / these are the real reasons you were taught to hate and fear Communism. Andrew Taylor 05 01 2016

The real deep-down true cause of hatred for Communist power is not about Stalin ... 

This is what its about...

Cuba's Doctors in Haiti
After coming to power the communists nationalised church-controlled schools, providing free universal public education based on Science and the Humanities, Sports, and the Arts. 
Margot Honecker with 'Pioneers'

Propaganda for War and Hatred of Nationalities races and peoples was subject to the most severe penalty

Women were brought into the new tuition-free Universities, Institutes.and skilled professions.

Free daycare nationwide was instituted

The Communist governments broke up the Banks and nationalised them, smashing the strangle-hold on power by the 1 per cent

The Cultures of all the nations and peoples of the world were celebrated in Youth Congresses, in exchanges of theatrical groups, films of the world, dance and poetry.

The misogynist mendacity of the Church was exposed for what it is. You agree but draw no conclusions on solutions.
Spain's poor in the 20th century hated the rich contolling church

The Communist governments socialised Medicine creating Universal free Healthcare. 

Unemployment was abolished and wages in each field were relatively levelled.

Church and rich lord's lands were divided into 50 hectare farms and given to farmers.

These are the  deepest most essential "evils of Communism".

And these are the real reasons they taught you to hate and fear Communism.

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