Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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January 11, 2016

We Don't need another political Hero (or another ' incarnation of Evil') by Andrew Taylor jan 11 2016

Politics is a cesspool of evil deeds from the petty no-bid contract awarded to the 'friend' of this or that governing party to comprehensive Sanctions that cripple and ruin whole generations to the apex of coercive politics -- mass warfare. 

But in this monstrous world of geopolitics everyone takes a side whether explicitly or by economic cooperation or by the silence which permits all state crimes to incubate and then permeate the body politic.
Nevertheless we must purify the cess inasmuch as is possible by the rulings of empowered international bodies using acceptable ameliorants.
The Swiss Amish say they don't participate in "this world"-- they claim to be exempt from incurring social sin because they are absolute pacifists, they do not serve in war. But the Swiss Mennonite farmers provisioned the Canadian Army in the world wars, so they are actually a key engine at the base of our war makings -- albeit not from principles of political calculus but from a politically quiescent appreciation of money.
Of course Morality has a role in shaping international norms and conduct between states but we must abandon arguing who are the "Good guys" and the "bad guys" since geopolitical interests can only be tempered and managed by norms agreed to and adjudicated by international bodies. "Monsters" and "saints" are promiscuously abused attributions when applied to state actors. Better to analyse economic and political and social determinants than to reduce tragedy to mere caricature. . We all use these moralistic appeals but in fact we ought to strive for a more profound class-based analysis and world outlook.
This is why we ought to attempt more frequently to appeal to international law, which goes beyond a universalising of bourgeois morality, being founded on a relative justice proportionate to the acts of worldly powers. The right to live in peace is one of the highest of these appeals to law.
The world of international affairs would offer more hope if finger-pointing were abandoned in favour of mutually agreed upon international standards such as the duty of states to abide by terms of Trade treaties; the illegality of Occupation; the illegality of arming foreign mercenaries to destroy sovereign states for hidden self-aggrandising motives etc.

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