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Art by Yousef Amairi
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March 22, 2016

Alexandre Boulerice is 'The Vicar of Bray' of The NDP-Quebec

Alexandre Boulerice appearing as if celebrating "The New Order" of the Mulcair NDP-NPD
I was interested to read in the Globe yesterday of the boost the Quebec caucus of the NPD has offered up for continuance of Thomas Mulcair's leadership. It seemed emphatically significant that Alexandre Boulerice, the party's Quebec Lieutenant was one of the chief boosters named as leading the charge  (the excerpt following from"Thomas Mulcair gets boost from Quebec caucus": By: )
"The NDP’s Quebec caucus is backing Thomas Mulcair in what is expected to be a difficult vote on his continued leadership next month, the Star has learned.
A letter penned by NDP Quebec caucus chair Robert Aubin and Quebec lieutenant Alexandre Boulerice states that Mulcair has done the necessary work to “bring people together” and “bounce back.”
“It is not surprising that people are bitter,” the copy of the letter, obtained by the Star, reads.
“However, just like a professional hockey team that has lost the Stanley Cup final, we must thoroughly analyze the causes of the defeat, review our strategies, remobilize, remotivate ourselves — not part ways with the coach that got us there.”
That particular analogy has been used many times by Mulcair himself, who will face the NDP membership in Edmonton next month in a bid to hold onto his job.
The letter from sitting MPs comes one week after three of their defeated colleagues signed on to a letter calling for “renewal.”
Caucus appears to be circling the wagons around their leader. "

Excerpt from:

[See: "Thomas Mulcair gets boost from Quebec caucus":

The principle work of Thomas Fuller (d.1661), "Worthies of England", describes the character of 'The Vicar of Bray" a parson who served the Establishment wearing successive colours and mouthing contrasting commitments during the heady ideological vicissitudes which befell The Church of England as Monarchs came and went in the English Reformation: 

The vivacious vicar [of Bray] living under King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth, was first a Papist, then a Protestant, then a Papist, then a Protestant again. He had seen some martyrs burnt (two miles off) at Windsor and found this fire too hot for his tender temper.
This vicar, being taxed [attacked] by one for being a turncoat and an inconstant changeling, said, 'Not so, for I always kept my principle, which is this - to live and die the Vicar of Bray'.
— Worthies of England, Published 1662

Alexandre Boulerice is playing the Mulcair-Booster card as his penance for his regrettable compassion for the Palestinians

As a Former Quebecer of Quebecers I was very interested to read this article featuring Alexandre Boulerice a current leader of the Quebec NDP . It was the same Alexandre Boulerice who is now the NDP Quebec lieutenant in the bureaucracy who as a new yet idealistic Quebec NDP MP published a petition during the Israeli attack on Gaza protesting "the disproportionate number of deaths in Gaza" and stating the only solution is the end of the occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza according to the Fourth Geneva Convention and UN Resolutions.

NDP Leader Mulcair disciplined and silenced Mr. Boulerice for his petition. Mulcair who has stated he is an ardent support of Israel “in all situations, in all circumstances.” also opposed an NDP policy resolution in 2006 that highlighted Israeli injustices.

Thomas Mulcair led a caucus revolt against Jack Layton when he criticized the Harper government’s decision not to participate in the Durban 2 conference on Human Rights. In 2010, he publicly criticized his caucus colleague, Libby Davies, when she said the occupation of Palestine began with the Israeli takeover of Palestine.....

All the above and this "boost" from Alexandre Boulerice is too transparently opportunist to really require comment, but since Alexandre Boulerice is playing the Mulcair-Booster card as his penance for his regrettable compassion for the Palestinians, I name him as a notorious vendu - The Quebecois 'Vicar of Bray' of the NDP-NPD's ideological shift and shimmies.

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