Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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May 09, 2016

2016 Victory day celebration – Winnipeg Opening Ceremonies Address given by Andrew Taylor

Opening Ceremonies Address - Andrew Taylor
May 8, Eve of Victory Day

Dorogiye druz’ya,

I congratulate you all on the 71st Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!

Today we once more appreciate the gigantic scale of Victory over Nazi fascism. We praise all the fathers and grandfathers, great-grandparents - who smashed and destroyed that dark force.

We praise the men and women Soviet and Allied partisans.

We venerate the Soviet women and men fighter pilots!

We remember the ordinary extraordinary men and women of that great Soviet generation who refused to die, - refused to let love and sacrifice and hope be snuffed out by Hate.

It was the Soviet Red Army that broke the back of the Nazi forces.
But this historical fact was not taught to the children of The West.

Because of The Cold War propaganda, the Red Army’s stupendous sacrifice was passed over in a cynical silence. Hollywood taught the youth of the west that America won WWII.

So there was a silencing of the truth in The Cold War’s fear mongering, but it was more than a sin of omission – it was a direct result of the new NATO hostile military pact’s preparations for a new War with the USSR and the socialist Eastern Bloc.

My father, an ordinary non-political worker who fought as a volunteer combatant in the Canadian Artillery in WWII told me the Hollywood message was not true. He said: “Without the Soviet Army the Nazis would have won the war”.

So today I remember my father a Second World War veteran together with your fathers, mothers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, uncles and aunts who all contributed at great cost in gaining the victory.

The glorious memory of the Soviet Army’s Victory will live forever.

The memory of General Zhukov will endure while free people live and breathe.

The leadership of Marshal Stalin who consecrated each hour, each day and long night to the coordination of the war struggle cannot be erased from history.

The friendship between the truly sovereign nations can never perish.

May Russian Canadian friendship blossom and grow into an unbreakable accord.

No more war!

Never again war at the expense of the blood of the Russian and former-Soviet peoples!

Never again!

I thank you.

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