Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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June 09, 2016

Communist Party Ukraine denounces the attack on the opposition media: ICP, 3rd June 2016

CPU denounces the attack on the opposition media

The Communist Party of Ukraine condemned the attempt to ban the TV channel "Gamma". 

ICP, 3rd June 2016
International Communist Press
The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) released a statement denouncing the recent attack on the Ukrainian opposition media. CPU stated that the Ukrainian government has started a procedure to ban the TV channel "Gamma" after the broadcast of the speech of CPU leader Petro Symonenko on the Victory Day. CPU noted that in his speech, Symonenko demanded the implementation of the Minsk agreement unconditionally and condemned the changing the names of the streets and cities after the names of Hitler collaborators without the consent of the local people. CPU also called for international solidarity against the violation of the freedom of expression in Ukraine.

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