June 09, 2016

On the Imperialist Counter-Offensive: Political Resolution of the Central Committee of The Communist Party of Uruguay, July 04, 2016 [Excerpt EN Transl]

Political Resolution of the Central Committee of The Communist Party of Uruguay July 04, 2016
Transl. by Andrew Taylor

The impact in Latin America and the new stage of struggle 

Latin America suffers with special intensity the combined impact of the crisis of capitalism and the counter-offensive of imperialism. Latin America has major reserves of natural resources in the world, whose operation is essential for imperialism, and it is also the stage where the most important experience of building spaces for sovereignty, political independence and post-neoliberal construction materialized.

The rise in prices of raw materials and the high demand for them, together with low profit rates for speculative investment in the core countries of capitalism, led to a significant flow of investment in Latin America, which also had a component of intra - regional investment. This, coupled with major social policies and public investment, made by progressive and leftist governments, contributed to a major cycle of economic growth. Some believed that this situation would be virtually eternal. We argued, sometimes almost alone, that it would not. 

The non -realization of structural reforms such as substantial progress in regional integration in the economic and productive level, the building of productive linkages, energy integration and enhancing the productive complementarity; and above all, a change in the productive matrix of our countries surpassing the primarization; it produces, despite the undeniable progress in social justice, poverty reduction and income distribution, our countries high vulnerability to the blows of the capitalist crisis.

The progressive and leftist governments and the struggle of our people democratized Latin America and made it fairer. No doubt. But the inability to advance structural reforms, and also to generate levels of unity and popular organization that would allow a political and ideological synthesis superior in our villages, together with the failure to build a superseding  strategic perspective of capitalism, are some of the root causes that explain the reflux caused by imperialist counter-offensive.

Progressivism shows diminishing returns in economic, political and ideological terms in its potential as a post-neoliberal alternative. This is clearly expressed by the wave of neoliberal restoration in Argentina, with clawbacks of rights , discursive and material imperialist alignment, with the unprecedented transfer of 20 billion dollars to transnational banks in a few months. The same goes for the coup government and oligarchy in Brazil, which aims to dismantle all social programs, promotes layoffs, wage cuts, privatization and openings to foreign capital of oil reserves and other natural resources. 

The electoral or putschist rightwing neoliberal restoration involves a serious democratic setback. Democracy is not just a set of rules to facilitate a choice among candidates, ~ from a popular perspective, democracy is a permanent process of building freedom and equality and the space of social transformation. 

From that perspective, the imperialist counter-offensive and the rise of the right and with it the dominant government classes, brings less equality and less freedom, therefore less democracy. This is a dimension that does not include those who talk up and even welcome as a necessity this reversal of course. If  the class perspective is omitted here reality is distorted. The return of the right does not favor democracy, it's cuts impoverish, weaken and also generate an enormous cost in social devastation in the destruction of society, in misery, poverty, and an increasing dependence.

Therefore we reiterate, ~ no end of cycle in Latin America, there is a new stage of struggle to continue confronting imperialism and the national oligarchies, to defend democracy, the political and social gains and advance achievements. Therefore it is very important to deploy the broadest solidarity with the struggle of Brazilian people to confront and defeat the coup and the illegitimate government of the oligarchy. The coup is far from consolidated, the coup government is weakened by its increasingly explicit  corruption and also the anti - popular, anti - democratic character of its government's implications. [The fightback in Brazil] will depend on the degree of unity and capacity of initiative and struggle of the Brazilian people to confront and defeat it. Solidarity with this struggle is a central revolutionary task and its elucidation will impact our own reality with enormous force, both economically, and politically and ideologically. 

In the same sense, solidarity with Venezuela is inscribed within the Revolution Bolivariana, fenced and permanently harassed as it is by the oligarchy and imperialism, whose destabilization plans, and even direct intervention, were exposed with the leaking of secret documents of the US Fourth Fleet.

We reject any attempt of a coup and defend Venezuela's sovereignty and the right of its people to democratically resolve their situation. The recent ruling of the OAS, rejecting the interventionist proposal from its Secretary General, Luis Almagro; the correct position of the Uruguayan government to defend Venezuela's membership of MERCOSUR and the transfer of the presidency of the regional bloc that brother country, are two positive elements. Beyond individual positions and public statements that we do not share the position of our government has been correct in the main, and this has decisively contributed to the pronouncements and actions of the Frente Amplio [Broad Front] and the popular movement, especially the PIT-CNT. 

We carefully persevere with the struggle of all people, but especially with the struggle of the Cuban Revolution to defend its sovereignty and social achievements within the framework of this complex picture. We emphasize the value of the VII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba and the initiatives it issued. The defense of democracy, social conquests, the construction of the unity of the people, social and political, and solidarity with the governments and peoples facing the sharpest edges of the anti imperialist offensive and national oligarchies is a practical task that is part of our political action and revolutionary perspective.

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