November 06, 2016

The creep toward fascism has been empowered by the liberal cowardice of sticking with The Lesser Evil -a failed strategy, Andrew Taylor

While over decades the liberal vote has been addicted to Lesser Evil Voting, the political direction of the US state has moved steadily to the right as the extra-judicial drone killer, as the global National Security Big Brother, as the Destroyer of multiple foreign nations and as the champion of finance-capital and Corporate enlargement to the impoverishment of the domestic working-class. Obama, remember, rather than confronting the Bush-Cheney gang guaranteed the perpetuation of the worst innovations of the Bush National Security State by passing these attacks on democracy into national policy. This is why--even when there really is a Lesser Evil -- voting the Lesser Evil choice guts any possibility of really fighting the Right and winning fundamental change.

The trap within the logic of lesser evilism is that it is oblivious to history: struggle and social fightback for the class brings social and political victories, while Lesser Evilism provides cover for crimes against Humanity as it creeps blindly toward fascism.

Build the movement!
Vote with your mind and heart united.

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