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Art by Yousef Amairi
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April 10, 2017

Internationalist Communist Parties solidarity with Syria: Messages form CP's of the world indicating solidarity with Syrian people and condemning the US aggression.

Internationalist Communist Parties solidarity with Syria
Messages form the CP of the world indicating solidarity with Syrian people and condemning the US aggression. TKP, LCP, KSCM, PCM, KPRF, KPU, PCA (to be updated)
ICP, 8 April 2017


You lose yourself when you smell blood: HANDS OFF SYRIA!
The enemies of the Syrian people continue to attack this country which they have been tormenting with jihadist gangs and international terrorist networks. The partnership of imperialist media and pro-sharia agents fabricated a chemical weapon scenario in Idlib and so made up a pretext for the missile attack by the United States.
We warn Erdoğan: We are going to bring you to book for the jihad that you intend to wage with US missiles. No! Do not you dare to add new ones to the crimes that you have already committed and to involve this country in your own devastation.
When the jihadist gangs that they armed and unleashed against the Syrian people went out of breath, they made a 180-degree turn and made up the pretext of fighting against ISIS. The US, the pro-Erdoğan forces, Israel… The enemies of Syria invented this time the lie of fighting against “Islamic terror” to dismantle and grab a parcel in Syria.  
All in all, what they did again is to protect the jihadist gangs.
The scenario of chemical attack in Idlib is fabricated by those who realized that the situation in Syria has been turning against the forces they supported. This is a poor repetition of the game they tried play in the summer of 2013, which eventually failed.
The last missile attack of the US is not a reaction to the recent developments in Idlib. They made special preparation for these missile attacks and they created an excuse with the images they served to the world media. Those images are the preparations of the media campaign, which they announced ‘by mistake’ the day before.
The desperate Erdoğan is intending once again to derive a task for himself from the situation. Erdoğan is the principal enemy of the Syrian people. He is the chief perpetrator of the massacres, child deaths, and all the agonies that the people of Syria suffered.
If Erdoğan believes that he will be able to delay his inevitable end thanks to this bloody adventure in Syria, he is wrong. The likely consequence of such an attempt would be to throw this country into the fire to save himself.
We draw our people’s attention to the fact that Erdoğan once again joined his fate with that of the Zionist Israelite government, the darkest force in the region. The road that he set off with his “one minute” show ended up once again with the same chorus with Israel.
The recent development is a bloody power play by the US. The US government may welcome Erdoğan’s willingness to participate in this bloody game. What will determine how far the enemies of the Syrian people can go is the wall that will be erected by peoples against the US aggression.
Imperialism does not offer a future for the humanity because its own future is dark. It is obvious that the world system based on exploitation and oppression is suffering a multidimensional crisis. In this crisis, the hostilities of the imperialist centers against peoples are accompanied by conflicts and confrontations among the same centers. The success of those who stand against this dirty system will determine whether these conflicts will turn into a crisis of humanity.
We warn you: Do not even think about it. There is no possibility of a “happy end” for the gang in the government now. Do not let your approaching end lead to a disaster that embroils the country.
We call our people: Silence the warmongers. Recognize the enemies of the Syrian people; they are the enemies of all peoples of the Middle East. Do not let the country be pushed into bloody adventures and do not encourage those who intend to do that.
Now the vote “No” to be casted on April 16 is of far more significance. We say No, also to end bloody games!
Communist Party of Turkey
Central Committee

The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party condemned the US strike against Syria and called for a unites struggle in the region against US aggression.
The PC of the Lebanese Communist Party issued a statment condemning the US airstrike against Syria as a flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty and international law. The LCP pointed out that the escalation ofUS aggression was a result of its economic crisis and the embodiment of the real face of terrorism, state terrorism, trying to regain its lost ground. Trump 's administration was identified as trying to show its strength in front of the world by cutting the road to a negotiated solution in Syria that would end the war and stop the bloodbath.
The argument on the use of chemical weapons was used as pretex to implement aggressive policies without waiting for the investigation of the allegations. The statement accused US imperialism of trying to take a direct role in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and guide the extent of additional investment in terrorism to realize its interests. In order to achieve a democratic secular national state, not only in Syria, but in all countries of the region, the LCP called on all the left-wing, national and progressive forces in the Arab world and around the world to a broader condemnation of US aggression against Syria and solidarity with its people.

Promote a peaceful settlement, and not cringe aggression
7. 4. 2017
Communist Party is seriously concerned by information about a rocket attack on a US Army base Syrian military forces on the territory of Syria.
The attack is considered as a unilateral act of military aggression against a sovereign Member State of the UN and the violation of international law and which threatens peace and security in the region. Deepening destabilization of the whole region and the escalation of violence undermines had good prospects of peace settlement in Syria and create anti-terrorist coalition and end human suffering. Experience from Libya and Iraq demonstrate that this path leads nowhere.
We call upon the United States to immediately stop the military aggression and restraint, renunciation of all other unilateral actions, promising a return to negotiations in Astana and seeking common solutions under the umbrella of the UN Security Council.
Peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict is in the vital interest of the Czech Republic and across Europe. Communist Party refuses the servile support of US aggression, declared by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister.

Stop the imperialist aggression against Syria!
The Communist Party of Mexico condemns the imperialist aggression of the Trump administration against Syria.
There is no justification for the attack with missiles from US ships located in the base of Rota in Spain against the Syrian territory. As always, unpredictable pretexts are used as in the case of military aggression against Yugoslavia, against Somalia, against Iraq, against Afghanistan, against Libya.
With this action, Trump and imperialism support the terrorist group ISIS. Terrorism promoted by imperialists, by financing and supporting groups such as the Islamic State, is also a face of barbarism against the people. The other side is direct military aggression.
This is a further step towards an inter-imperialist war based on disputes on the control of natural resources, gas and oil routes, with unforeseeable consequences for humanity and great losses for the people.
Stop the imperialist aggression against Syria!
The International Relations Section of the Communist Party of Mexico
¡Alto a la agresión imperialista contra Siria!
El 7 de Abril de 2017
El Partido Comunista de México condena la agresión imperialista de la administración Trump contra Siria.
No hay justificación para el ataque con misiles, desde navíos norteamericanos ubicados en la base de Rota en España, contra territorio sirio. Como siempre, se recurre a pretextos inverosímiles, como aconteció en la agresión militar contra Yugoslavia, contra Somalia, contra Iraq, contra Afganistán, contra Libia.
Con esta acción, Trump y el imperialismo acuden en apoyo al grupo terrorista ISIS. El terrorismo promovido por los imperialistas, financiando y apoyando grupos como el Estado Islámico, es también una cara de la barbarie contra los pueblos. La otra cara es la agresión militar directa.
Este es un paso más, rumbo a una guerra interimperialista que disputa el control de recursos naturales, rutas de gas y petróleo, de consecuencias imprevisibles para la humanidad, y de la que se pueden adelantar grandes pérdidas para los pueblos.
¡Alto a la agresión imperialista contra Siria!
La Sección de Relaciones Internacionales del Partido Comunista de México

"Absolutely criminal, provocative and undignified for a big country." G.A. Zyuganov commented
April 7th, 2017
Chief of CC of RFKP, G. A. Zyuganov commented in the press conference upon the US missile strike on the Syrian air base in Shairat the night before. He stated that the decision taken by Trump and his accomplices  was absolutely criminal, provocative and undignified.
Zyuganov claimed in the press conference that neither Lavrov nor Putin knew anything about the impending missile strike of the United States on Syria. He ironically commented that the Russian military might be told: "Now our missiles will fly – get down! If you have time...” 
RFKP leader interpreted the US strike as the sign of an expansion in the large-scale war already declared against Russia. In this war, the missile strike on Syrian base meant another big step due to the fact that with this, Americans committed an act of direct aggression against a soverign country, which lacks any reasoning and violates international laws. 
Making a comparison between the current situation in Russia and that in the Soviet times, Zyuganov commented that Russia and its allies are exposed to the imperialist barbarism and aggression because Russia is weak and in crisis; because its growing generation is frail, physically weak and not patriotic. The reason why the Soviet Union could intervene in Korea and squeeze out the Americans, he added, was that the country was brave and battle-worthy in those times.

The First Secretary of CC of Communist Party of Ukraine, Petr Simonenko stated on the US "tomahawk" strike in Syria that the US and ISIL are two sides of the same coin. 
The full text of Simonenko’s statement is as follows:
April 7th, 2017
“Missile strikes by US aviation on the basis of government troops in Syria is a direct confession that terrorist organizations such as the Taliban in Afghanistan, Al-Qaida, Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria, ISIL and several others have been created with the direct participation of the White House and its satellites.
Therefore, the responsibility for all crimes committed by such terrorist organizations is entirely on those who created them and who finance them and supply them with the weapons, namely the US, NATO and others alike.
Today's night attack by the US Air Force on the base of government troops in Syria should be viewed as direct aggression against the legitimate president and government; and as an attempt to unleash a large-scale war in the Middle East. The goal is to establish as many puppet dictatorships as possible around the world. For the same purpose, the US and NATO previously carried out direct military intervention in Libya, Iraq, bombed and disintegrated Yugoslavia, actively financed and still finance "color revolutions", such as in Georgia or Ukraine, where an oligarchic-Nazi regime was established, unleashing the Civil War in Donbas.
The Communist Party of Ukraine strongly condemns the aggressive policy pursued by the United States and calls upon all progressive forces of the world to act as a united front for the sake of preserving peace and preventing a nuclear war that at any time may turn into a horrifying reality from the insane statements of McCain and other "hawks", who once burnt children alive in Songmy.


Violating all the rules of international law and civilized practices, the United States has just savagely bombed, with dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles, the sovereign territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.
It is an act of a unilateral and irresponsible character that clearly falls within the concept of aggression.
It is evident that the incident of the use of chemical weapons has been prepared in detail to serve as a pretext for this brutal intervention, which follows the line of the previous ones in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, where in the case of the first of these mentioned countries, the arsenal of lethal weapons that was used as an argument for the so-called Gulf Wars has not been found yet.
Washington, based on bipartisan agreement, was supporting terrorist groups such as the so-called Islamic State in Syria with the confessed goal of overthrowing President Bashar Al Assad and anticipating to destroy the infrastructure and institutions and make Syria suffer the same destiny as that of Libya: a country fractured and dominated by diverse armed groups that guarantee extraction of petroleum by corporations of the USA and Europe.
Having failed in that task following the cooperation agreement between Damascus and the Russian Federation, which inflicted severe blows to terrorism, direct US military intervention is now used, indicating to anyone who has doubts, the criminal and categorically imperialist nature of the government of Donald Trump, plagued by generals and managers of banks and oil companies.
They are the same sectors that aggressively attack Bolivarian and Chavista Venezuela and intensify the blockade against revolutionary Cuba. And they are the same sectors that support the British and NATO colonial presence in our Falkland Islands, South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia and adjacent waters.
The Communist Party of Argentina condemns this new imperialist aggression, demands immediate cease of the illegal attacks against Syria and supports all the efforts that are unfolding worldwide to end this new imperialist aggression and for the assurance of world peace.
Central Committee of the Communist Party of Argentina - 4/8/2017



Violentando todas las normas del derecho internacional y las prácticas civilizadas, los EEUU acaban de bombardear salvajemente, con decenas de misiles Tomahawk de crucero, el territorio soberano de la República Árabe Siria.
Se trata de un acto de carácter unilateral e irresponsable que se encuadra claramente en el concepto de agresión.
Es evidente que el incidente del uso de armas químicas ha sido preparado detalladamente para servir de pretexto a esa brutal intervención, que sigue la línea de las anteriores en Irak, Afganistán y Libia, cuando en el caso del primero de los países mencionados, todavía no se encuentra el arsenal de armas letales que fue argumento para las llamadas guerras del Golfo.
Desde Washington, con acuerdo bipartidario, se estaba apoyando en Siria a grupos terroristas, como el autodenominado Estado Islámico, con el confesado objetivo de derrocar al Presidente Bashar Al Assad y, previa la destrucción de la infraestructura y las instituciones, darle a esa tierra el destino de Libia: un país fracturado y dominado por diversos grupos armados que garantizan la extracción de petróleo a las corporaciones de los EEUU y Europa.
Habiendo fracasado en esa tarea a partir del acuerdo de cooperación de Damasco con la Federación de Rusia, que infligió duros golpes al terrorismo, ahora se recurre a la intervención militar directa de los EEUU, indicando a quien le quedaran dudas, el carácter criminal y decididamente imperialista del gobierno de Donald Trump, plagado de generales y gerentes de bancos y petroleras.
Son los mismos sectores que agreden duramente a la Venezuela bolivariana y chavista y que recrudecen el bloqueo contra Cuba revolucionaria. Y que sostienen la presencia colonial del Reino Unido y la OTAN en nuestras Islas Malvinas, Sandwichs del Sur, Georgias del Sur y aguas adyacentes.
El Partido Comunista de la Argentina condena esta nueva agresión imperialista, exige el cese inmediato de los ataques ilegales contra Siria y respalda todos los esfuerzos que se despliegan a nivel mundial para poner fin a esta nueva agresión imperialista y para el aseguramiento de la paz mundial.
Comité Central del Partido Comunista de la Argentina - 8/4/2017

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