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It's about Trump and The Boy Scouts? Really ? Andrew Taylor, July 25, 2017

It's about Trump and The Boy Scouts? Really ?

I won’t apologise for being far more concerned with ongoing US wars in the Middle East and Africa, the ongoing covert coup against Venezuela, The US incarceration of 800,000 African American men, and the nation's for-profit Medical system than these antics. The Boy Scouts of today go home to log into Pornhub. Right? This isn't the era of Leave it to Beaver and Doris Day.These lamentations about Trump's immorality play to the idea that a good and decent USA still exists. It is virtue signalling. The political focus should be on the Bipartisan support for poverty and sickness for the many at home and war abroad?
Trump is vulgar, a buffoon, narcissistic. He may be as much of a compulsive fornicator as JFK and with the difference he'll say anything. Agreed. But Trump is not the sudden problem in a stable, healthy America, - he's the symptom of the advance of the 1% corporate class that has been transferring wealth from the American worker up to the billionaire layer for 40 years. This trend began with Reagan and was accelerated by Bill Clinton's presidency when he pushed through the 1994 " Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act". Mass incarceration of non-violent offenders was already happening but the Clinton Act put mass incarceration on steroids. Two weeks after Clinton signed that big crime bill in September 1994, he enacted the Riegle-Neal interstate banking bill, the first in a series of moves deregulating the financial industry. While low-level drug users felt the full weight of state power at the same moment that bankers saw the rules constraining outrageous levels of greed removed. Long prison stretches for drug users; perpetual insecurity for welfare mothers; and fear for jobs for blue-collar workers whose bosses Clinton had armed with the North American Free Trade Agreement. Bill Clinton also gutted Welfare and criminalized the poor in the 1996 "welfare reform bill". I remember the news of the networks the day this passed. The deregulation for the richest and criminalizing of those forced by generational racism to hustle continued under George W. and Barack Obama. But Obama reassured the white Americans. He escalated Surveillance to the present Orwellian state, he persecuted more whistleblowers who outed state crimes than all other presidents put together, he was bombing seven countries. In short, the dirty wars and dirty laws and victories by top capitalists began to accelerate many years ago. 
Is it any surprise really that a vulgarian in-your-face President Trump is in charge? That in his orange wave, Republican predatory capitalist legislators are cutting Social Welfare to the bone?


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