April 24, 2018

Every armed conflict going on in Arab lands has its source and subsistence in and from the US, by Thomas Riggins

by Thomas Riggins, Editor of the former "Political Affairs, (CPUSA)

Amnesty report below: it fails to mention the "Saudi Arabia-led coalition" is actually enabled by the US which arms it and provides the aircraft that refuel the Saudi jets (US made) on their way to bomb Yemen. This slaughter of children is made in the USA and could not be going on without the US support both politically and materially.

Every moral outrage and condemnation the West has hurled at Assad and the Syrians is equally applicable to presidents Obama and now Trump, they and their supporters and defenders are no better (or worse) than those who support Assad and Putin -- and if Assad and Putin have blood on their hands so do Obama and Trump (not to mention every US president bar none since the end of World War II). The only difference between Assad and the Obama-Trump gang seems to be that the former is waging a defensive war against the latter who, just as in Yemen, are aggressively financing and supporting insurgent groups (including jihadists) trying to overthrow the Syrian government and are unnecessarily prolonging this terrible war. 

In fact every armed conflict going on in that part of the world -- Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon's border areas, the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, Libya, Somalia, and beyond has its source and subsistence from the US -- the millions of deaths and refugees are all thanks to the policies of the US and our "American Democracy" -- our party has to be more militantly involved in denouncing the crimes of US imperialism and exposing the myths that the "other side" whether they be the Russians, North Koreans, Chinese, Syrians, Venuzuelans, Iranians, Cubans, and genuine rebels and revolutionaries everywhere opposing US imperialism are some how to be criticised for opposing, by any means necessary, the world's greatest purveyor of violence (MLK). 


"Buthaina a five-year old-—" was pulled from the rubble of her family home in Yemen’s capital. Badly bruised, she struggled to pry open a swollen eye with her fingers, to look at a world that dealt her such cruelty Her uncle told an Amnesty investigator, “She had five siblings to play with. Now she has none.”
Buthaina’s entire immediate family was killed in their sleep when the Saudi Arabia-led coalition rained down bombs on their neighborhood overnight.In Yemen, Amnesty crisis investigators have documented airstrikes on schools and hospitals, as well as the use of internationally banned cluster munitions which have killed and maimed children. A staggering 80% of Yemeni children are in need of humanitarian assistance."

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