Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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September 18, 2009

US drops encircling Russia with "anti-Missile Shield", all eyes now on Iran, by Andrew Taylor, Sept , 2009

The US appears less inclined to encircle Russia with its "anti-Missile Shield".

Now the target is to be more directly and overtly focused on some improbable Iranian nuclear attack in the future.

U.S. President Obama on Thursday jettisoned plans for a massive missile defense shield in central Europe, and undertook instead to focus on a huge anti-Iranian, anti-rogue state missile system.(The US military hog must be fed its billions in slops by some means)

Polish hawks and nationalist rightists are understandably upset. After all, 10 ground base interceptors were to be placed in Redzikowo, Poland. This is a setback for right wing demagogues who continue to squeeze Defence pennies on the basis od Cold War hysteria about Russia . The Polish right is in a funk: they feel the Obama team does not understand Poland or its priority in global 'US interests'.(And by the way, the leadership of the Republic of Georgia is also nursing a like sorrow).

The Bush missile defense shield was conceived as part of a larger complex that would include a radar system in the Czech Republic. Bush and his cabal had always insisted that the system was not aimed at Russia, but solely designed to nullify Tehran's non-existent long-range-nuclear-missiles .

But naturally enough, the plan had been seen in a different light by the Russians, who noticed the odd fact that the US war tech was arrayed along the WW 2 Nazi invasion route to the USSR.

Hopes remain high in the military industrial complex that Israel will highlight American technological can-do in its much heralded upcoming aggression against Iran.

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