Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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September 18, 2009

US hostile threats against Iran escalate, By Andrew Taylor, Fri. Sept. 18, 2009

Hillary Clinton threatens Iran over an alleged nuclear program
Clinton said: "Our message will be clear: we are serious and we will soon see if the Iranians are serious"

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today escalated the American war campaign against Iran. The Secretary stated that Iran has refused to prove that its nuclear aspirations are peaceful and that this has "profound consequences" for world security. In other words, The US and its colonial-fascist powder-monkey Israel plan to disturb world peace unless Iran becomes fully compliant with Western reasons of state.

In sum, Mrs Clinton said the Obama administration's offer to negotiate with Iran remains, but the US possesses the power to impose yet more penalties and a tighter isolation unless Iran comes clean and confesses to nefarious military nuclear ambitions.

She also said that time is running out for Tehran to show it is serious about addressing US concerns about its nuclear program and that the question would be at the top of the US agenda at next week's UN General Assembly session.

In a speech at the Brookings Institution that served as a preview of the American agenda for the U.N. meeting, Hillary Clinton stated that: "Iran's continued failure to live up to its obligations carries profound consequences for the security of the United States and our allies...Our concern is not Iran's right to develop peaceful nuclear energy, but its responsibility to demonstrate that its program is intended exclusively for peaceful purposes."

The US will attempt to ramp up its demagogic campaign against Iran in league with the UK, France, China, Germany and Russia in the UN Security Council. The six nations claim to have offered a package of "incentives" to Iran in order to induce the Islamic Republic to halt activities that could at some point lead to technological access to atomic weapon production.

Iran, which has always insisted its nuclear program is peaceful, has not as yet accepted the American package of incentives despite ominous threats from Imperialism that its refusal to do so will bring upon it fresh US sponsored U.N. sanctions. Iran is currently suffering under 3 layers of US provoked Security Council sanctions.

The meeting at the U.N. is set for Sept 23rd. One week after the Meeting on Oct. 1, top diplomats from the six countries will meet Iran's chief nuclear negotiator to gauge whether Iranian capitulation is forthcoming.

U.S. officials have long made the claim that Iran is trying to create an atomic weapon, but it has not usually been a claim shared by others, particularly China and Russia, which have refused to impose new sanctions on Iran. Now however, since the US has offered Russia a carrot by withdrawing the threat of an eastern European anti-missile system, hopes are high in Washington that a Moscow quid pro quo gesture may be in the works.

Of course no mention was made by Mrs Clinton about aggressive Israel's stockpile of 200 plus nuclear Missiles.

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