Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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January 11, 2017

Is a pre-emptive coup d'etat of the President-Elect going to strengthen US democracy? Andrew Taylor Jan 11 2017

The Western Press and Democratic National Committee and US Intelligence Services have the duty after a deeply polarising American election process to do nothing surreptitious that further erodes American democratic practices and institutions. Is a pre-emptive coup d'etat or self-critique/renewal best for US democracy? 

Will the CIA and Democratic Party be renewed and cleansed by the recent covert campaigns OR by bringing forward new standards for Intel and by The Democratic Party offering new, progressive personnel and a Left working-class program?
Understand that the "Kremlin stole it" trope exempts The Democratic Party from self-reform. It means more of the same from the Democrats, more pro-corporate bad Trade Deals and more adherence to the policies of Wall Street. It means a beard ploy has taken the place of deep reflection and permitting empowerment of the Bernie Youth movement. It means more bad faith.
In any case, US nation-state is now in engaged in a frenzied and unparalleled Auto-da-fé. Everything and anything can transpire if the arms of the state continue on their present covert course.
As Thomas Riggins has written of the US Deep State's present cheerleaders:

" If the Palmer raids, McCarthyism, and the FBI CONINTELPRO program incuding the murder and frame up of activists, especially the Black Panthers, tells us anything it's that the drive to undermine American democracy is an inside job -- it's going on right before our eyes and we are being told to look at the Kremlin while it all emanates from the J. Edgar Hoover Building, Langley, and Fort Meade."

This is another "Scoundrel Time" but this time it is the treachery of liberal Democrats who feel dethroned from a victory who are  in unwitting collusion with The CIA, John McCain, Paul Wolfowitz and the Deep State. Liberal thinkers as opposed to liberal-minded sheep view world economic integration as the path to true global peace under one economic and cultural world order. The globalists with their profits and big plans at stake are the true bulwark opposing Trump with his radical ideas about Economic Nationalism. The "progressives" or "liberal" citizens who are swallowing the Big Lie about the Kremlin are often partisan liberal Democrats who with some justice reject the darker fringes of nativism in Trump's movement. But these people now preparing to bus to DC en masse play into the most reactionary layer of US structures. Only militarism and war will be served by mouthing the smear of the rotten Intel and globalists.

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