Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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February 16, 2017

Palestine Communist Party: 'Unite against all conspiracies for the sake of freedom and independence' ICP, 14 February 2017

PCP: 'Unite against all conspiracies for the sake of freedom and independence'

The Palestine Communist Party (PCP) released a statement on the latest Zionist legislation.
ICP, 14 February 2017
The Palestine Communist Party (PCP) released a statement regarding the recent Zionist legislation to build settlements on Palestinian territory, the PCP pointed out that this was 'the biggest proof of the rejection of the state entity for any political settlement of the Palestinian issue based on the two-state solution'. The statement reminded that the PCP in its last conference had ruled out this solution, based on the new conditions imposed by the occupation. 
PCP pointed out that Israel had a single goal to stall the negotiations in order to gain enough time for the confiscation of Palestinian land and displacement of Palestinians from their homes. In the statement, the Palestinian people were summoned to unite and resist this occupation carried out either by roadblocks scattered across the country or with procedures and laws of racism remaining from this negotiation policy throughout 25 years.
Without 'begging the enemy or the international community, which has never been an ally of the oppressed peoples', the PCP called to end the 'Palestinian vs Palestinian division' and embark on a program which involves 'a phased operation in compliance by all honorable Palestinian forces, without exception'.  The statement warned not to rely on EU relations, NATO or the US administrations whose only goal is to control the wealth and exploit the peoples of the world. 
The statement continued as follows:
'We must bet on the ability of our people that has proven through its long history in the struggle its ability to thwart the Zionists and their allies' schemes.... The cost of resistance and confrontation with the enemy is much less than the cost of surrender and begging the Arab reactionary local allies.'

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